Predictions: the best dietary supplements for 2019

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Each year, the global supplements industry grows. While many kitchens now feature chia seeds and coconut oil, we’re not free from weird and wonderful products just yet. Here are some of the best dietary supplements that you can expect to see in 2019.

Ginger is set to overtake turmeric as one of the best dietary supplements

Who hasn’t seen an article declaring that turmeric can cure cancer? While the spice has plenty of anti-inflammatory benefits, it isn’t set to take over the pharmaceutical industry just yet.

In 2019, we may see turmeric fans making room for ginger. As a spice that originated in China 5000 years ago, it features in many modern dishes.

Recently, there has been an influx of studies looking at the connection between ginger and gut health. For example, one study indicates that it’ll make you feel less hungry, burn more fat, and absorb more nutrients. Although there aren’t any rigorous studies into this area, there’s no harm to adding ginger to your diet.

Ketogenic supplements are set to become more mainstream

Some of the best dietary supplements of 2019 will promote the ketogenic diet. For those who aren’t aware, this diet involves shunning carbs in a bid to make your body burn more fat. Supposedly, by entering a non-dangerous state of ketosis, you’ll melt away the pounds.

Although paleo diets have proved popular in recent years, ketogenic lifestyles are a little more hardcore. As ever, the dieting industry is seizing on this to provide supplements that will make enjoying the diet easier.

What’s truly surprising is that many of the ketogenic supplements that’ll take 2019 by storm are already mainstream. For example, omega-3 oils, which we already know have anti-inflammatory benefits. Also, magnesium, which is excellent for addressing conditions such as insomnia.

Arguably, these are amongst the best dietary supplements already. You don’t need to be a ketogenic diet fan to try them.

Zinc is on the rise as one of the best dietary supplements

With an almost 29% growth over 2017 alone, Zinc is rapidly gathering a cult following. Although it’s an element we only need in trace amounts, its impact is significant.

From better blood clotting through to a reduced macular degeneration risk, its benefits seem almost infinite. As for how much you need, women need around 8 milligrams, while men require 11.

If you’re a meat eater, start prioritizing lean meats for extra zinc. For those who fall into the vegetarian camp, it’s worth including more lentils.

What to consider when choosing between the best dietary supplements of 2019

As with any aspect of medicine, chat with a professional if you’re not sure whether adding one of the best dietary supplements to your routine is advisable. While it’s promising that 2019 looks as though it’s lacking in quirky trends, none of the above supplements should substitute for a healthy diet.

For now, we can watch and wait to see what 2019 holds.

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