DEA Commends Walgreens’ Prescription Drug Take Back Program

Walgreens recently announced a new initiative to install authorized collection receptacles in more than 500 stores in 40 different states. The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Acting Administrator released a special statement applauding the national drug chain for its efforts.

He spoke of the importance of intercepting unused and expired medications before they can be diverted for abuse or trafficking, and how programs like this help to do that. More than 50 percent of people 12 years or older who abused pain killers in the past year received them from a friend or relative, or even the home medicine cabinet. If these medications are quickly and conveniently disposed of through collection boxes, it will reduce drug abusers’ access to them.

The DEA hopes programs like the Walgreens initiative will be the start of a growing trend and that safe drug disposal options with become more common.

About the Author

Julie Kaplan, Pharm. D.
Julie Kaplan is a licensed pharmacist in Virginia and the District of Columbia. She received a Bachelor’s of Arts in English from The College of William and Mary and a Doctor of Pharmacy from Virginia Commonwealth University. She has experience in patient communication from working as a retail pharmacist.